Portuguese Water Dog International Meeting 2013

This event is organized by the CPC and will take place in
Tavira, Algarve, on September 25/29 2013
Our aim is to attract Breeders and judges from all over the world
to discuss several issues concerning the breed,
from water work and functionality, to health, grooming and the standard.

Of course we attended (APLICADO / Mona Svärd and Pål Kyrk) at this event 21 Sept - 2 Oct.
It was a
great experience to meet breeders from 16 countries in the breed's country of origin, Portugal.
we also met the breeders to our imported dogs
Tweedy - Rysalka, Miguel Neves - Alterrial and Christine Harris - Reel Life.

We have learned so much received
so much information these days about the breed Portuguese Water Dogs.

memory we will never forget.